RENEW Your ASWA Membership – And Help Us Make a Difference

There is a place and a welcome for everyone who shares our Christian compassion for animals. Joining ASWA requires a modest annual subscription and keeps you in touch with our activities. Beyond that if you are keen to contribute more to our efforts your support would be appreciated – please get in touch and we can outline the many ways we encourage practical help.

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Your annual subscription entitles you to:-

  • Annual Membership
  • A vote in our elections
  • 3 Magazines per annum

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Youth Membership

Special Price for Youth – £5

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Individual Membership

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Corporate Membership

We also offer corporate membership for a donation of £25.00 GBP per year

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Overseas Members

We welcome members from abroad (and are pleased to report that we have a growing number) but regret that we are unable to process cheques in foreign currency as the bank charges often exceed the annual subscription rate.  The easiest solution is via PayPal.

We therefore ask that for the time being, you either send us a £Sterling (UKP) cheque made out to ASWA or obtain an International money order from your bank in £Sterling (UKP). Your bank will charge you a fee for doing this, but there will be no charge from us. Alternatively pay your subscription via Pay Pal using one of the buttons above.

Other Payment Methods

Payments can be made by:-

Concessions are available via the Secretary – For general enquiries or further details, please contact us.