Animal Welfare Sunday

About Animal Welfare Sunday

ASWA introduced and promotes a Sunday devoted to Animal Welfare which has been widely adopted. Animal Welfare Sunday is always the nearest Sunday to St Francistide (6th October).

ASWA produce supporting resources to help those involved in services.

Animal Welfare Sunday guide booklets are downloadable here:

Animal Welfare Sunday – Service Guide (PDF)

Animal Welfare Sunday – Information Booklet (PDF)

Animal Welfare Sunday material can also be sent in hard copy by post if you would prefer.

Our Pack for Animal Welfare Sunday

We have produced a guide pack which includes the Service Guide and General Information Booklet as well as summary documents on a range of animal welfare related topics.

The factsheets in the pack (listed below) are available individually for download or as a Factsheet Pack by clicking on the download text to the right of each item as follows:

Why Animal Welfare Sunday?

Intensive Farming of Animals

Live Exports

-Companion Animals

Animal’s in Laboratory Experiments

Endangered Species

Badger Cull

– Factsheet (Useful Quotes & Prayers)

Factsheet (Additional Resources)

– Factsheet Resources

Factsheet Pack (Of all the Above in a Single File)


To order for postal delivery in a presentation folder, Please contact the Secretary, P O Box 7193, Hook, Hampshire RG27 8GT or by email –