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Preached on 7th February 2021 at Priory Church of St Mary in Monmouth, By ASWA President – Bishop Dominic Walker OGS

February 15th 2021

The Cosmic Christ – Creation Sunday The name of Bill Anders is not a household name but he was one of the first group of American astronauts to orbit the moon and to photograph our planet earth from space.  He said that that experience made him rethink his Christian faith because he realised that the […]

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Preached on 3rd January 2021 at St Michael’s, Abingdon By Revd Jennifer Brown

January 3rd 2021

Have you ever been entrusted with a secret or important information that nobody else, or only a few other special people, knew? If so, you’ll know that to be in that position can make you feel privileged, special, important. It can also feel like a great responsibility. What we do with any special knowledge we […]

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