What happens to unwanted male chicks


What happens to ‘unwanted’ male chicks in the British egg industry

For the first time ever in the UK, Viva! has lifted the lid on the secretive world of the egg hatchery. Their shocking investigation has made headlines in the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Mirror and The Express and for the first time you can view the shocking reality of what happens to male chicks – whose only crime is that they are the wrong sex to lay eggs. Film footage can be viewed on the Viva! website.

Between 30-40 million male chicks are killed every year in Britain, by either being thrown alive into electric mincers or by being gassed in their thousands. This is a needless destruction of life to an unimaginable scale – and all to bring eggs to our tables. It happens in all egg production: from the most intensive through to organic farming.

Support the campaign by visiting the website www.viva.org.uk