NOWZAD need your help


Nowzad is a charity set up to relieve the suffering of animals, predominantly in Afghanistan.

For five years, Nowzad have tirelessly rescued stray and abandoned animals living in the most appalling conditions in Afghanistan, re-homing many with serving troops from Britain, America and beyond. But now their good work may soon come to an end. Through no fault of their own, they find ourselves homeless and have until July to fund and build a new shelter in Kabul. If they fail, Nowzad will close. The 90 dogs and cats currently in their care will become homeless and countless more will be sentenced to a life of despair on the unforgiving Afghan streets.

Nowzad need your help and they need it now. Please spread the word and, if you’re in a position to, please donate whatever you can spare. Every penny helps.

Afghanistan hasn’t beaten them yet!

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NOWZAD Founder, Pen Farthing, was invited to address a previous ASWA Annual General Meeting